Amos Haffner

VP, Communications & Marketing

Amos is a center-brained marketeer, equal parts creative and analytical, with 20+ years of marketing experience. As VP, Communications & Marketing, he leads brand management, internal and external communications and sales enablement. He’s passionate about effectively communicating the resolution to a problem to customers in unique ways.

Amos earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism with a focus on advertising and marketing from Ball State University. He’s since invested a couple decades into marketing leadership experience in small and medium business, agency, multi-brand, corporate and private equity environments.

Amos is a family man, married to wife (and colleague) Crystal with whom they have four sons. He accepts single malt scotch as debt resolution, enjoys nature, the Indianapolis Colts, weight training and attributes his many blessings to God.

Strengths: Achiever, Belief, Connectedness, Learner, Responsibility