Ashley Watson

Senior Team Success Manager

Ashley enjoys working with people and building long-lasting relationships. She’s a cum laude graduate from Indiana State University with seven years of experience in customer service, so she’s always ready to provide an awesome client experience.

As the Senior Team Success Manager, Ashley leads a team that supports Sales & Advisory efforts in many critical ways. Even though she keeps things running smoothly at the office, her dog, Tommy, runs her household at home.

It’s true, Ashley is a dog lover and loving mother of her two kids Owen and Everett, but when she is not wrangling her family, she enjoys traveling and going to country music concerts. With her kind spirits, Ashley finds ways to nurture leads and push business development further and then uses her hospitality to manage client relationships. She loves the variety of tasks in her role that keeps her on her toes every day.

Strengths: Achiever, Discipline, Focus, Learner, Responsibility