How to Create a Winning Employee Communication Strategy

When it comes to launching something new at your organization, whether it’s a wellness program, employee benefits or your total rewards package, I think we can agree that the key to success is strong employee communication. In fact, 89% of people believe that effective communication is extremely important. In contrast, 8 out of 10 people […]

Chief of Staff Demystifies Healthcare through Employee Benefits Communications

Todd Burtron City of Westfield

Employee Involvement and Access to Knowledge Creates Connections In the 90s, the city of Westfield, Indiana, was known as a town, defined by some as a “bedroom community,” due to its proximity to Indianapolis. Between 2000 and 2020, Westfield’s population quadrupled from 10,000 to 40,000 residents. Along the way, Westfield incorporated as a city, began […]

First Person Conversation: How Community Health Network’s Marketing and HR Leaders Forge a Meaningful Relationship

community health network

“We check in with each other on topics as they arise rather than waiting for a recurring meeting.” That’s Michelle Mahaffey, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Community Health Network, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. First Person Advisors had a recent opportunity to interview Michelle and Al Larsen, Community’s Vice President of Marketing […]

Five Reasons Your Open Enrollment Should Go Digital Now

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Open Enrollment – yours might be on the horizon. If you’re like many, you’ve been considering just how it will all get done. And while 70% of companies already had some sort of digital transition plan in place, the current pandemic has brought a new urgency and necessity to finalizing that plan. As telecommuting and […]

Matt Simanski

Matt Simanski

Enterprise Employee Communications Consultant