Six Points of View on Drug Rebate Legislation

prescription drugs rebate legislation

Co-authored by Paul Ashley and Cameron Troxell. From the Indiana State House to Washington D.C. prescription drug prices are a hot topic. Given the use of everyday maintenance medications and the increase in life saving medications with exceptionally high expenses, this is an important topic for almost every household and employer in America. The world […]

Your Guide to Transitioning to a Self-Funded Health Plan

This blog is the second of a three-part blog series on self-funding. Download the full guide to self-funding your health plan here. In 2020, 67% of workers in the United States were enrolled in a self-funded health plan, compared to just 44% in 1999. It’s clear that self-funding is a growing trend among employers. To […]

How Healthcare and Employee Benefits Will Be Different in 2021

man talking to his doctor

Earlier this fall we made predictions about how COVID-19 may impact the future of healthcare. Innovation and change are happening rapidly in the industry, and we now see some of these trends coming to fruition. To explore how COVID-19 has impacted the future of healthcare, let’s consider some of the short-term impact. How will healthcare […]

Indiana Lags in Health. Can the Tide Be Turned?

diabetic woman checking blood sugar

First Person is an Indiana-based benefits and talent advisory firm. As such, we keep a close finger on the pulse of regional healthcare systems and the trends in well-being amongst the state of Indiana’s population. Along the way, we get access to an amazing group of healthcare professionals in our public, university and private systems. […]