Why It’s Time to Evolve Your Employee Health and Well-Being Strategy

Ninety-two percent of CEOs say their companies are more focused on mental health because of COVID-19. The myopic view that well-being is just a way to reduce healthcare costs has evolved. Investing in well-being is no longer a nice to have but a business imperative that enhances recruiting and retention, elevates productivity and demonstrates your […]

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Teen Mental Health

teen mental health

Unprecedented. Surreal. Exhausting. Lost. These are all words that the Washington Post heard readers use when describing 2020 in one word or phrase. And, while I can identify with all of them, as the parent of a class of 2021 high school senior and a class of 2023 sophomore, they are not words I ever […]

Telemedicine: The Future of Healthcare Is Here

The Picturephone – the first video phone – premiered at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York but failed to take off due to its high cost ($112-189 for a three-minute call!) and special wiring requirements. Fast forward to 2005 when Skype launched, and cell phones start to come standard with camera capabilities. And, now […]

Limited Well-Being Budget? Tap into Existing Benefits in Your Health Plan.

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Now more than ever, employers are looking to better support their employees’ health and well-being. At the same time, budgets are tight and extra spending is at the bottom of the list for CFOs. According to WellSteps, the total cost of a wellness program ranges from $12-$100 per employee per month. Basic programs supported by […]

Small Business Workplace Trends for 2018

Each year, our team of advisors identify trends emerging in the workplace. And since many challenges are unique to small businesses, we’ve outlined several trends we see coming to fruition in 2018.

The Healthy Professional’s New Year’s Resolution

That time of year is here again: New Year’s resolutions. We’re all thinking about it: Gym memberships, weight loss, commitments to personal needs, the list can go on and on. But have you stopped to think about any professional goals you might have? Do you have resolutions around them? If the answer is no, I […]

Preventive Care Saved My Life

If you could do something to save someone’s life, would you do it? What if it was your own? Whether you know it or not, you and your organization have the power to save lives. And trust me, it’s something that you can easily do. I know because I’m one of the lives that has […]

Engagement and Well-Being: Are They the Same?

While looking through a media supplement brochure titled “Employee Well-Being” I noticed the word “engagement” was in the title of nearly every article inside.  It seems “engagement” is being used synonymously with “well-being”. So, is it the same?  Or, is it different?  I’m sure you have an opinion based on your own experience. But, understanding […]

The Building Blocks of a Successful Wellness Program

Last week I found myself sitting in class. And while often that doesn’t sound exciting, I found myself really enjoying the insights, the discussions, and the opportunity to look at the world of well-being from all different angles.

How do You Define Wellness?

Wellness…what does that word mean? If you asked five people, you would get five different answers. If you asked five employers, you would also get five different answers. The truth is, wellness means something different to each of us. And I’m not expert, but I believe that’s perfect. Wellness is a relative word. Similar to […]