How You Can Address “The Great Resignation” with Total Rewards

Your chair is empty. Did you strike out for greener pastures in 2021? Did you say safety-net-be-damned and leave your job without another lined up? If so, you’re not alone. ‘Empty chairs’ was not merely a theme of the work from home experience of 2020, but a phenomenon of this current moment dubbed, “The Great […]

Bridging the Gender Gap for Women in the Workplace

First Person was honored to be a part of EDGE Mentoring’s Refuel + Recharge (R+R) Series in June. EDGE Mentoring does a great job here at our home base of Indianapolis. Not only do they connect young professionals with experienced leaders and facilitate meaningful conversations between them, they also present terrific learning opportunities such as […]

How to Prepare Your Organization for Minimum Wage Increases

You’ve likely heard the debate around raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. Based on the proposed Raise the Wage Act of 2021, the Congressional Budget Office estimates this would directly affect 17 million workers whose wages would otherwise be below $15 an hour. It would also impact many of the 10 million […]

Compensation Benchmarking: Why You Should Use Multiple Data Sources

What is the market compensation rate for a position? While this may seem like a straightforward question, it’s not that easy. There is no magic number that reflects the market rate. What “market” is will vary according to the data source you use. “Market” is a wide range of pay that can only be narrowed […]

Racial Equity in the Workplace Begins with You

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Racial Equity in the Workplace. Does that sound like a court case? Or a problem to be solved by a bureaucratic machine? In Week One of RESOLVE Increments, we were blessed to have Nashville-based storyteller, author and speaker, Carlos Whittaker as our keynote speaker on the topic of racial equity in the workplace. As the […]

Three Steps to Assess and Address Pay Equity

Updated April 12, 2021. Employers usually don’t intend to pay employees inequitably. But, without clear compensation philosophies, practices and salary ranges, it can easily happen without even realizing it. In fact, even with the best compensation programs, different perspectives and practices by managers can result in inequity. In Week One of RESOLVE Increments, I defined […]

Top Four Total Rewards Trends in 2021

Have you reviewed your total rewards package lately? Over time, your organization’s people strategy and current and future workforce have likely evolved. You might still be investing in benefits and programs that aren’t valuable to your employees. Given their ever-changing needs and expectations – especially in 2020 – you might not have the right total […]

Longitude, Latitude and Labor: Compensation Approaches for Your Distributed Workforce

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The pandemic has made flexible work arrangements a more common reality in a shorter timeframe than most of us ever dreamed possible. In fact, almost 70% of full-time workers in the US are working from home during COVID-19, and 80% expect to work from home at least 3x per week after COVID-19. But, as we […]

Is Your Organization Ready for the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act?

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This article was originally written on November 2, 2020 and has been since updated for accuracy when the final rules were released. If you have even one employee in Colorado, are you ready for the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (the “Act”)? If you don’t have salary ranges ready to be posted for your […]

Beyond Programs and Policies: Reimagining the Workplace of the Future

This isn’t how I imagined the workplace of the future would arrive. I thought it might be a slow and structured journey—not caused by a global pandemic that has forced us to become resilient, connect with colleagues from a distance, and figure out how to strike a new balance in meeting our shifting responsibilities at […]