Longitude, Latitude and Labor: Compensation Approaches for Your Distributed Workforce

map distributed workforce

The pandemic has made flexible work arrangements a more common reality in a shorter timeframe than most of us ever dreamed possible. In fact, almost 70% of full-time workers in the US are working from home during COVID-19, and 80% expect to work from home at least 3x per week after COVID-19. But, as we […]

Is Your Organization Ready for the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act?

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This article was originally written on November 2, 2020 and has been since updated for accuracy when the final rules were released. If you have even one employee in Colorado, are you ready for the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (the “Act”)? If you don’t have salary ranges ready to be posted for your […]

Beyond Programs and Policies: Reimagining the Workplace of the Future

This isn’t how I imagined the workplace of the future would arrive. I thought it might be a slow and structured journey—not caused by a global pandemic that has forced us to become resilient, connect with colleagues from a distance, and figure out how to strike a new balance in meeting our shifting responsibilities at […]

In (and out of) the Zone: How to Fuel Resilience in Yourself and Your Team

Stress management expert Dr. Lisa Penney always thought that burnout was a gradual process that slowly builds up over time as a person deals with growing responsibilities, relationship issues or other life changes. Then, COVID-19 hit—and served as her personal wakeup call. Dr. Penney, an award-winning researcher and professor at the Muma College of Business […]

What You Need to Know as You Consider Aging Your Salary Structures

Whew. What a year! Are you thinking about salaries? Are you wondering if you should adjust your salary structure annually to keep pace with the market? Are you thinking this year is an outlier or anomaly in every way possible and we’ve got to reconsider everything? Acknowledged – you may have a swirling storm of […]

Plan Ahead: Compensation Strategies for 2021

Budgeting compensation strategy

Marked by extreme changes and uncertainty, 2020 has been a year unlike any other. Compensation and total rewards are no different. In the past a 3% salary increase budget would have been typical. But as you know, this year is not typical. Despite more than three quarters of organizations giving salary increases earlier in 2020 […]

Why Hiring a Compensation Consultant Makes Sense for Your Organization

Compensation is the foundation of your total rewards model and critical to driving outcomes for your organization. However, developing an internal compensation function can be challenging. There are some barriers to developing and implementing a robust compensation program such as budget, time, expertise and even your own desire to manage the work. Your compensation program […]

Six Ways to Help Parent Employees Navigate Work and School

Mother navigating work and school

Back to school is here – and one thing is clear, there isn’t a common approach to the school year. With some schools starting virtually, others going back in person, and still others delaying the schedule and decision, parents have become a primary focus in the workplace as they navigate the uncertain realities. 

Compensation Trends in a COVID-19 Economy

When it comes to compensation during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not that clear cut. However, you should take a thoughtful approach to both short-term actions and your long-term philosophy. Pay is arguably the most powerful and foundational aspect of a total rewards package, and changes should not be taken lightly. Here are the top compensation […]

Rightsizing with Empathy

Updated on November 19, 2020. Making the decision to reduce employment expenses is one of the most challenging situations a leader like you can face. Although there are many options, such as reducing or eliminating retirement plan contributions, pay cuts and other operating expense cuts, staffing reductions may be necessary. In addition, there are important legal and compliance […]