More Than Cookies in the Breakroom: Make Employee Appreciation Day Matter

“Hey, boss, Employee Appreciation Day is coming up. Great. Let’s go all-out: Draft an email that we can send out to everyone saying how much we appreciate them. And remind them that they’re our greatest asset.” As silly as that might sound, it probably isn’t far off from conversations taking place right now. Many companies […]

Increase Employee Communication and Benefits Engagement with Text Messaging

Learn how First Person leverages the rule of seven – including text messaging to execute successful employee communications campaigns.

Hamilton County, Indiana Creates Better Employee Health and Economic Outcomes

County Leadership Leverages Association with Riverview Health and Forward-thinking Compensation and Benefits Practices Hamilton County, Indiana enjoys the status as a popular and prosperous County located north of Indianapolis. The Hamilton County suburbs of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and Westfield are routinely featured in “Best Places to Live” lists of major publications like Money magazine or […]

Why Digital Benefits Communication is a Must-Have for Your Hybrid Workplace

The past year has taught us a lot about the way we interact daily within our organizations. Going remote overnight when the pandemic began was certainly not easy for organizations and their employees. However, it forced a shift in old patterns, opening possibilities for new, innovative ways to get work done, including hybrid workplaces. What […]

Employee Benefits Communication: A Key to Positive Business Outcomes

woman on cell phone digital communications concept

There is significant value and investment in the benefits we provide employees. Americans are mobile in their employment and will likely be exposed to different plans. The right plan, well executed and presented, will have an impact on employee satisfaction. That satisfaction can contribute to a host of positive outcomes for employer and employee. However, […]

The Key to Understanding Individual Communication Preferences

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Quick! You have an important question for a co-worker that requires a timely response. You may ask yourself, “Do I have enough time to wait on a response from an email? Is it appropriate to text them? Maybe I should just call them or walk over to their desk.” Imagine you run into this scenario […]