Healthcare Deferred. It’s Time to Reset

Your employees’ health is paramount to your success as an organization. By giving your people easier access to quality healthcare, you win.

Trends You Need to Know to Create Your 2022 Employee Benefits Strategy

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Forecasting the future is hard and few companies get it right. This is true in “normal” times but is exponentially more difficult during times of extreme uncertainty. While you likely still face many of the same challenges as in the past – keeping healthcare costs down, engaging employees, meeting your sales goal – the context […]

Three Challenges You Can Solve by Offering Executive Benefits

Given the lengths employers are going to attract and retain talent, one area of total rewards that is often overlooked is executive benefits. Executive benefits are a powerful tool for enticing and rewarding highly compensated employees. There are three common business challenges executive benefits solve: group benefit shortfalls, the cost of delayed retirement and the […]

Politics and Policy: How Healthcare Is Being Impacted by the Biden Administration

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It’s safe to say that with any White House transition, change is inevitable. And, we’ve already seen a fair share of changes in healthcare. In Week Three of RESOLVE Increments, we were fortunate to welcome Janet Trautwein, CEO of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), as our keynote speaker. We’ve had Janet with us […]

Top Five Trends for Employee Benefits in 2021

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In Week Three of RESOLVE Increments, we were extremely fortunate to have Janet Trautwein, CEO of the National Association of Health Underwriters, as our headliner. I love hearing Janet speak, so I kept my talk on top trends for benefits short and sweet. I kicked off with a question, “What benefits are your employees asking […]

DOWNLOAD | The Mechanics of Self-Funding

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Mechanics of Self-Funding Understanding why and how to self-fund your organization’s health plan You’re just one more click or tap away from your Mechanics of Self-Funding download. Our goal is that it helps you decide whether a self-funded health plan is right for you, your organization and your people. Questions? Contact your experts below. Get […]

Weighing the Decision of Self-Funding Your Group Health Plan

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This blog is the first of a three-part series on self-funding. Download the full guide to self-funding your health plan here. Between 1996 and 2015, U.S. healthcare spend rose nearly a trillion dollars. Add to that the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and you have a lot to factor into your benefits strategy. Rising healthcare costs and […]

COVID-19 Influences Future Health Insurance Prices: Four Points of View

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Much of employer-based insurance is fully insured – meaning the company doesn’t cover costs of coverage directly – rather they pay a certain amount each month (the premium) to a health insurance carrier. Put the percentage of employers we work with who go this route at about 60%. So, if an issue affects the fully […]

Pharmacy Benefits Managers: What You Don’t Know

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The primary goal of a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) is to contain the escalating costs of prescription drugs and to ensure patients are on the correct or most efficient drugs, and not on those that are wasteful, abusive or dangerous. In a sense, they are a middleman to the middleman. Why are they necessary or […]

5 Takeaways: How the Global Pandemic and Election Year Impact Healthcare

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Healthcare has long been an important issue in American political discourse. However, as Election Day nears, it’s become an increasingly hot-button issue due to concerns about how COVID-19 could affect voter turnout, how a Trump or Biden administration would handle the pandemic in the coming year, and the longer-term future of U.S. healthcare—including the controversy […]