Pharmacy Benefits Managers: What You Don’t Know

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The primary goal of a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) is to contain the escalating costs of prescription drugs and to ensure patients are on the correct or most efficient drugs, and not on those that are wasteful, abusive or dangerous. In a sense, they are a middleman to the middleman. Why are they necessary or […]

5 Takeaways: How the Global Pandemic and Election Year Impact Healthcare

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Healthcare has long been an important issue in American political discourse. However, as Election Day nears, it’s become an increasingly hot-button issue due to concerns about how COVID-19 could affect voter turnout, how a Trump or Biden administration would handle the pandemic in the coming year, and the longer-term future of U.S. healthcare—including the controversy […]

Three Cost Containment Strategies in Healthcare Benefits

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Healthcare consumers and employers who sponsor benefits plans continue to battle rising costs. According to a March 2019 Peter G. Peterson Foundation article, the United States spent roughly $3.5 trillion, or more than $11,000 per person, annually. As a percent of GDP, we currently spend 17% on healthcare, and most economists expect this number to […]

Hospital Pricing Rule is a Step in the Right Direction

It seemed like a good idea: “Since so many people are frustrated by healthcare pricing that can seem secretive and arcane, let’s require hospitals to make their prices public.”

Am I Offering the Right Benefits Package?

Benefits have always been a key factor in the employee-attraction equation, but recent research suggests they’re becoming even more important. Which means you need to get them right if you want to attract the best people and keep them feeling happy and fulfilled. According to MetLife’s 2018 Employee Benefit Trends Survey, 62% of employees say […]

Unexpected Partners Addressing Employee Health Care: Much Needed Solutions

In the past week, three titans of industry (Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, and Berkshire Hathaway) who normally would not be thought of as partners, defied conventional wisdom and in a joint statement announced they are working together to solve health care. Initially they will focus and test their solutions within their own businesses and employee […]

Top 5 Ways to Maximize Your Employee Benefits in 2018

For a majority of employers—more than 80%—and their employees, open enrollment has started or is right around the corner. The months of October and November will be filled with meetings and decisions. Here are five tips to help you and your family make better decisions when it comes to choosing your health care and maximize […]

2017 Trends and Healthcare Reform [Video]

The state of health care is constantly changing, especially now with the Trump Administration in full effect. FirstPerson Managing Director and General Counsel, Katy Stowers, shares trending updates centered around the Affordable Care Act and what this might mean for employers. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more.

Workplace Trends for 2017 [Video]

It’s that time of year again when we share the workplace trends we see emerging for employers. While there’s some uncertainty going into 2017—like a new president—the best plan will be to stick with what we know works: Working with a multi-year strategy and adjust to course alterations as they come. It’s about thinking big […]

Trump and the ACA: Change Remains the Only Constant

From the day it was enacted, the Affordable Care Act – aka, Obamacare – has been more of a question than a statement. The various challenges, tweaks, regulations, and deadline extensions that became a routine aspect of the ACA created a scenario in which uncertainty was the only certainty.