Benjamin Ekhaus

Director, Small Group

Larry David once said that anyone can be confident with a full head of hair, but a confident bald man is a diamond in the rough. And boy is Benjamin a diamond for clients. As a Director of Small Group Benjamin works on a team that consults and supports over 170 small business owners and managers understand their insurance plan options to provide great benefits to their employees.

An Indiana University graduate, Benjamin is passionate about bridging the knowledge gap between people who are looking for coverage and those providing it. He likes that First Person takes a personal approach to client relationships, and follows this approach when working with small business clients.

Benjamin received his MBA from Butler University in hopes of strengthening First Person’s relationship with small businesses across Indiana. He also holds his Life and Health Insurance license and earned his Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) designation.

Strengths: Discipline, Harmony, Individualization, Relator, Responsibility