Your Money Line: A Groundbreaking Tool for Employee Financial Wellness

Your Money Line: A Groundbreaking Tool for Employee Financial Wellness

The party was going so well, until a single question stopped the frivolity in its tracks: How tall is David Letterman? You don’t know who asked it, or why they asked it, but the question was asked, and the debate was on. Fortunately for you, this question was asked after 2007. That means a person whipped out their smartphone, and brought clarity and peace to the party with one quick Google search.

That’s pretty great, right? Just about any question can be answered in seconds. Some questions are trivial at best, while other questions like “how do I shut off the water to my toilet quickly?” are of higher import. Questions create sticking points in our minds, and when the questions are important enough, the missing answers can severely impact our lives.

I’m $16,000 in credit card debt, I have a $1,245 payment due in 10 days, and I only have $679, what should I do?

Now that’s a harrowing question. Seems a bit too important to Google and hope what you’re reading is both legitimate and unbiased.

I’m receiving a $3,500 bonus. What’s the best way to deal with it given my student loans, car loan, and paltry savings account balance?

Once again, it seems like a Google search might create more questions than answers, especially when details like income, other assets, and prospects for another bonus are taken into consideration.

Financial wellness in the workplace was created to help today’s workers put a plan together for their financial futures. However, after just a short 10-year history, financial wellness programming has proven it was never built to answer the nuanced questions that create the financial roadblocks workers struggle to overcome.

That is until now.

Your Money Line is the newest offering from financial wellness trailblazer Pete the Planner® Financial Wellness. It is built to do one thing — answer any financial question in an unbiased way without trying to sell the inquisitor anything. Combine this with Pete the Planner®’s proprietary Your Money Line Dashboard, you have the most powerful tool in all of financial wellness.

Each and every user not only gets a custom path for their financial life and a metric to measure the improvement in their financial behavior, but they also receive access to a Financial Concierge whose sole purpose is to solve problems for the participant.

Financial education is undoubtedly very important, but education for education sake hasn’t proven to be tremendously effective in the financial space. Behavior change must occur. Knowledge, once gained, must be applied. Action is the key. Your Money Line and Your Money Line Dashboard were built to stoke action. Whether the action is an increase in savings, a decrease in debt, or an email to a Financial Concierge, new, healthy behaviors are the key to financial success.

We don’t get better with money simply because time passes. A catalyst for change and improvement is necessary. Your Money Line is that catalyst.

Talk to a FirstPerson advisor today to see how you can affordably make a measurable difference in the financial lives of those who have such a significant financial impact on your organization. 

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