Strategic Analytics Advisor

Brady Kahl

Strategic Analytics Advisor

As Strategic Analytics Advisor, Brady enjoys working with numbers and statistical analysis to help find the best solution for our clients. Along with managing vendor relationships, Brady assists with financial analyses for new businesses and is responsible for assisting advisors and account executives through the plan life cycle process.

Before arriving at FirstPerson, Brady spent more than five years in marketing for a commercial HVAC accessory manufacturer. He used statistical analysis as a consultant and gained an appreciation for utilizing data and statistics to better understand a business’ situation.

After work, Brady hits the golf course throughout the spring and summer months—the one thing he could never give up. Come fall, Brady enjoys watching a good game of football. Growing up. Brady lived in six different states. And despite moving around so much, he still enjoys traveling every year, especially trips out west.

Brady received his bachelor’s degree in computer technology from Purdue University and went on to Butler University to obtain his master’s in both marketing and international business. While studying, he worked on marketing projects that explored different modeling techniques and analytic models.

Strengths: Command, Competition, Context, Ideation, Maximizer