Building Trust. Inspiring Results. | Ohana Leadership Series Panel with Bryan Brenner

FirstPerson CEO Bryan Brenner recently moderated a panel discussion hosted by Ohana Software with industry leaders to discuss how effective communication can be used to build trust. There’s no doubt high-trust organizations run more effectively than low-trust organizations, enabling them to achieve better results. Leaders need practical solutions for building trust, improving communication, and inspiring employee engagement.

Click here to view 30 seconds of Bryan’s thoughts on why you should put the same effort into your internal communications as you do your external marketing.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic, view the full panel session by   clicking here. The panel (and Bryan) answer the following questions and more!

  • “How have you worked with organizations to shift how they act on a daily basis?”
  • “What strategies do you suggest to demonstrate the ROI of an engaged workforce?”
  • “What do you believe is a common barrier for organizations in developing high trust?”
  • “What are some actionable ways we can foster candid conversation?”