Six Ways to Help Parent Employees Navigate Work and School

Back to school is here – and one thing is clear, there isn’t a common approach to the school year.  With some schools starting virtually, others going back in person, and still others delaying the schedule and decision, parents have become a primary focus in the workplace as they navigate the uncertain realities. 

Mental Health and Wellness Episodic Video Series

Focusing on wellness and mental health

Refuel + Recharge is an EDGE Mentoring virtual series on mental health and wellness. Recap all the best video moments as entrepreneurs and authors like Ken Coleman, Max Yoder and
Shauna Niequist tackle topics like isolation, perfectionism, resilience and authentic relationships.

PODCAST: Embracing a Digital Workplace

Video conferencing

This blog first appeared on Tune into the podcast wherever you listen. Get more ideas and insights from the First Person team. What are we talking about? Embracing the new possibilities that a digital workplace offers. Why is embracing new possibilities important for the future of work? Just shifting from physical to digital doesn’t […]

Unexpected Partners Addressing Employee Health Care: Much Needed Solutions

In the past week, three titans of industry (Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, and Berkshire Hathaway) who normally would not be thought of as partners, defied conventional wisdom and in a joint statement announced they are working together to solve health care. Initially they will focus and test their solutions within their own businesses and employee […]

Welcome to the New HR

It’s no secret the concept of brand loyalty is dying. Today’s customers are savvy. They want lasting and meaningful engagement, and are only staying engaged while their needs are met. Stop fulfilling them, and the customer is gone. Your brand can no longer be the only factor keeping them engaged. As workplace leaders, it’s time […]

2018: The Year of HR Transformation [Infographic]

We’re naming 2018 the Year of HR Transformation. The workplace trends we see guiding organizations into the future are an evolution of 2017’s Year of Mindfulness. They’re a shift in the way human resources teams function, and organizational leaders are adopting customized internal HR systems to address meaningful issues for their employees. The statistics in […]

Top 10 Blogs from 2017

At the close of each year, we enjoying taking a moment to reflect on what content resonated most deeply with employers. This year we saw employers placing more emphasis on their people strategy, thinking big picture about how to best engage their people and grow their business. Check out what human resources teams are thinking […]

Every Company is a Technology Company

I’ve heard this for years. Every company is becoming a technology and marketing company. Technology is critical to managing our clients’ business, and it’s becoming increasingly important internally in order to give our team cutting edge tools to accelerate their work.

2017: The Year of Mindfulness [Infographic]

We’re calling 2017 The Year of Mindfulness. Last year, there was a great shift in organizations to focus on the individual employee. While we see this trend continuing, it will come with a renewed focus on being mindful about people and business strategies, paired with strategic planning and design thinking. The workplace trends that will […]

Workplace Trends for 2017 [Video]

It’s that time of year again when we share the workplace trends we see emerging for employers. While there’s some uncertainty going into 2017—like a new president—the best plan will be to stick with what we know works: Working with a multi-year strategy and adjust to course alterations as they come. It’s about thinking big […]