Why Hiring a Compensation Consultant Makes Sense for Your Organization

Compensation is the foundation of your total rewards model and critical to driving outcomes for your organization. However, developing an internal compensation function can be challenging. There are some barriers to developing and implementing a robust compensation program such as budget, time, expertise and even your own desire to manage the work. Your compensation program […]

Hospital Pricing Rule is a Step in the Right Direction

It seemed like a good idea: “Since so many people are frustrated by healthcare pricing that can seem secretive and arcane, let’s require hospitals to make their prices public.”

Why Technology Matters

Poll anyone off the street, and they’ll absolutely agree that technology matters. If you ask FirstPerson CEO and founder, Bryan Brenner, he’ll tell you that technology can “increase productivity and efficiency, and enhance the work experience for [your] employees.” According to Will Forrest, Principal at McKinsey & Company and a leading expert on the business […]

Is Your HR Software Hurting Your Employee Experience?

With so many options available in the human resources technology space, it’s no surprise that HR software often turns into a love-hate relationship with employers. The key to whether you have the most suitable software in place depends on how it aligns with your people strategy and its ability to turn stored HR data into […]

Expanding Your Wellness Program: Financial Well-Being

When you think about wellness programs in the workplace, do you think of physical activity, health screenings, or lowering health insurance costs? While all of these things are very important, well-being includes so much more than physical health; it also includes financial, social, and mental health. In a three part blog series, I will be […]

Small Business Workplace Trends for 2018

Each year, our team of advisors identify trends emerging in the workplace. And since many challenges are unique to small businesses, we’ve outlined several trends we see coming to fruition in 2018.

Opportunity Knocks When Things Blow Up

I’m talking a lot with my leadership team about the new direction FirstPerson is taking to add to our core practice of group benefits. For the past year, we’ve been drilling down on bringing more value to what we do best. The market for employers continues to change, and we want to guide and position […]

Handling Misinformation in the Workplace

Imagine you’re in an important meeting at work and a colleague makes a comment that isn’t entirely true. This could be a false representation of sales numbers, organizational changes, or month-end revenue growth. The person isn’t lying to cover up something, and although they genuinely believe they are correct, they aren’t. How do you handle […]

Exceptional Experiences Ignite Defining Moments

A couple of weeks ago we hugged a client. Not literally, mind you. (Although we do that, too. Appropriately, by the way!)

How Sleep Affects Your Health and Performance

Sleep, rest, relaxation. All words with one similar meaning: Giving your body a chance to reset. It’s also one thing we can’t get enough of in our busy lives. In fact, sleep is often the first thing we give up when we’re busy with work, school, and parenting responsibilities. According to the National Sleep Foundation, […]