Community Outreach: Backpacks for Indy Kids

Can you imagine the impact of prison on your life? On your children? Envision trying to adjust back into pre-prison life after spending significant time behind bars. It’s a rough road.

The Theodora House in downtown Indianapolis offers refuge and transition services for women after prison. The facility sheds hope on situations where there is little.
Last Saturday, a crew of FirstPeeps (yes, that’s what we often call ourselves) headed to The United Way’s Day of Caring to spend the morning with Theodora House families and spread some school supply love.
After unloading two cars full of school supply-jammed backpacks, the FirstPeeps waited patiently for the families to arrive. The place was bustling with adorable kiddos and all kinds of fun (cookie decorating, coloring, card-making, face painting, and hair bow and jewelry-making) and snacks. I won’t easily forget that morning.

I witnessed several moms surprising her kids (they clearly hadn’t seen each other in awhile). Big happy tears and hugs ensued. Clifford the Big Red Dog also made an appearance and passed out new books.

Then came the school supply fun! Each kid got to choose a backpack. One little guy had the biggest smile on his face—his backpack was nearly as big as him. Another girl brought her colorful backpack to the table and took out everything that was inside, combing through her treasures with her mom

This PEEP Project left quite the imprint on us. It’s safe to say that not one of us left that morning without feeling uplifted from all of the love and energy in the room. For just a few hours we were able to give back and make a difference.

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