Dylan Ford


This avid traveler enjoys taking data and information from multiple sources and using it to paint a picture of an overarching issue or goal.

With a passion for helping those around him succeed, Dylan ensures that our clients understand the financial impact of renewing current or selecting new benefits packages. Being an analyst combines everything Dylan enjoys most: learning, problem solving, collaborating with a team, and deriving value from raw data.

Dylan is a graduate of the IUPUI Kelley School of Business. And even though he’s visited 15 countries (his favorite was New Zealand), Dylan’s current ambition is to travel to every continent by the time he’s 30. In his free time, Dylan enjoys activities including golf, basketball, hiking, fishing, and camping. Dylan is a proud father to one son, Sawyer.

Strengths: Achiever, Arranger, Learner, Responsibility, Restorative