Making the Most of Your Employee Navigator Integrations

“Let’s streamline our processes.” Have you heard that one before? As an HR professional, you probably hear and think about this daily. Technology is supposed to make your life easier, but when multiple systems are put in place, you can lose efficiencies.

Integrations between HRIS systems can deliver real-time savings, and Employee Navigator is leading the trend, partnering with carriers and payroll vendors to make HR administrators’ job duties less cumbersome. In fact, organizations with carrier and/or payroll integrations are saving on average 21 hours a month!

If you cringe when an employee has an address change or qualifying life event, it may be time to set up an integration. Simple updates like this require multiple updates across the board. Carrier file integrations eliminate the manual processing of benefits enrollment and demographic changes, which significantly reduce enrollment discrepancies. Payroll API syncs eliminate the dual entry required by HR administrators when payroll data and benefits administration live in two separate systems.

Let’s take a closer look at the integrations.

Carrier Integration

In the past, carriers required 100 members before they would discuss file feeds from a benefits administration system. And, often, the cost could be prohibitive. Employee Navigator’s partners now offer carrier integrations for groups as small as five members and usually at little to no cost. Files are even available for COBRA and cafeteria vendors.

Featured carriers include:

  • Principal
  • Guardian
  • UNUM
  • Sunlife
  • Metlife
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Eyemed
  • VSP
  • Lincoln
  • iSolved
  • BPC
  • Beneflex
  • Discovery
  • HRPro
  • Paylociy
  • TASC

Typically, the carrier file, which includes employee and dependent demographic data and their enrollments, are sent weekly. If there are any questions, most carriers will provide a discrepancy report. The reports are a great way to keep tabs on changes and make sure all updates are processing smoothly. We highly recommend that your HR team reviews these files upon receipt, so adjustments are made timely.

Payroll Integration

On the other hand, payroll API syncs are usually in real-time. Need to make salary adjustments in payroll? Before you can even log in to Employee Navigator, you should see the new rate. And, chances are, benefits that are eligible for recalculation due to the salary change have already updated. The best part? If you have a carrier integration, that new salary and benefit amount will be headed over to the carrier very soon. Efficiency in action!

Synced fields typically include (but can vary by partner):

  • Bi-directional demographics (I.e., name, address, gender)
  • Compensation (payroll partner to Employee Navigator only)
  • Employee deductions (EN to payroll partner only)

Fields NOT exchanged:

  • Benefit class
  • Payroll group
  • Earnings or employer contributions

Employee Navigator offers numerous payroll partner integrations, including Paylocity, Paycor and more. Check here to see if your vendor is an option. If not, new partners are coming soon!

Third-Party App Integrations

Another hot feature are third-party app integrations most used for Voluntary Worksite Benefits. (Think: AFLAC, Trustmark, Colonial life and certain UNUM products). Third-party app products use iFrame or Widget technology to directly integrate with partnered carriers’ enrollment platforms. The direct integration provides real-time enrollment and underwriting, and shares employee and dependent data between the two systems to create a seamless enrollment flow.

With third-party apps, the carrier is the system of record. All benefit effective dates and costs are calculated at the carrier and then passed to Employee Navigator to store on the employee record.

Our team loves all the integration possibilities, and we want to help you maximize your time and investment with Employee Navigator! If you have questions on which carrier or payroll vendors are partnered with Employee Navigator or want to add an integration, please reach out to me directly and I’d be happy to answer any of your questions. You can also drop us a line here or reach out to our advisory team.

How to Leverage Integrations for Your Organization

By leveraging specific Employee Navigator features, such as integrations, you can save time and money throughout your organization’s open enrollment and emerge a stronger, smarter HR leader. Join me for a deep dive on Employee Navigator integrations and insight on how to implement them for your organization. Get your free virtual pass here.

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