FirstPerson Partners with The Old National Bank Center for Closely Held Business

INDIANAPOLIS (July 15, 2019) The Old National Bank Center for Closely Held Business within Butler University’s Andre B. Lacy School of Business has announced 15 accredited partners to help member companies achieve their goals.

The Center, serving as a strategic advisory group for closely held businesses, designed the accredited partner program to provide Center members access to a community of trusted resources. The lineup of partners, including FirstPerson, brings a diverse set of skills and expertise for established companies of all sizes and industries.

“Private businesses are crucial to the success of Indiana and FirstPerson,” said Bryan Brenner, CEO and Founder. “We’re delighted to be part of helping Hoosier leaders and  risk-takers find solutions and opportunities that drive success. What a great way for members and partners to connect efficiently. Together, we make Indiana better.”

Unlike general networking associations, the Center’s model is built to proactively identify a member company’s specific gaps between their current and their targeted performance. Once these specific gaps are identified, the Center assists members by connecting them with Accredited Partners based on topic and expertise.

“The Old National Bank Center for Closely Held Business is excited to welcome our core group of accredited partners. Our focus has always been to help closely held businesses succeed, and by connecting our members with these high quality of partners, we’re well positioned to do that,” said Mark McFatridge, Director for The Old National Bank Center for Closely Held Business. “We vet and onboard partners who understand closely held business dynamics and roadblocks. All bring areas of expertise that will help take our member companies to the next level.”

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About FirstPerson

FirstPerson is an Indianapolis-based benefits and compensation advisory firm with decades of experience helping clients navigate the changing workforce. We believe a strong partnership begins with discovering and understanding an organization’s unique challenges. As we get to know each client, we bring forward holistic solutions that take care of their people, anticipate future needs, and result in a workplace where people are their best, day in and day out. For more information, please visit

About Butler’s Old National Bank Center for Closely Held Business

The Old National Bank Center for Closely Held Business is focused on helping closely held businesses succeed. Housed within Butler’s Lacy School of Business, the Center connects closely held businesses with the resources and advisors needed for them to achieve their goals. Center members gain a Butler-backed competitive edge for their business through research, business valuations, planning, educational opportunities, referral partners, and coaching. Learn more about how becoming a member can help move your organization forward.