Human Resources Made Easier with a Compliance and Wellness Calendar

Updated June 30, 2021

As a Human Resources professional, you wear multiple hats. Between juggling your daily workload and meeting compliance deadlines, you’re also constantly optimizing your competitive benefits package. With all the need-to-have obligations you oversee, it can be hard to get ahead of the employee well-being strategies you’d like to implement.

However, you also know the importance those “nice-to-have” well-being strategies play when it comes to the overall benefits package your company provides. In fact, your employees’ health and well-being are factors that contribute to the bottom line and the long-term competitive outlook of your organization. While the blog outlines steps you can take to help the overall health of your employees and build your well-being strategies, how do you plan for employee well-being campaigns?

Okay, let’s pause for a moment. Imagine what your day-to-day could look like if you had a tool that made things just a bit easier for you. I’m thrilled to share that that tool is here!

First Person Advisors is excited to debut an interactive compliance and wellness calendar to help you manage and prioritize important deadlines and upcoming holidays. Now you won’t miss a beat! Use the calendar to plan for upcoming events like Open Enrollment, track important dates like Form 5500 deadlines or Tax Day and identify special observances to align with your well-being campaigns. Be sure you’re subscribed to The Boost (if you’re not already) so you get notified when the next quarter’s calendar is released.

From Bike to Work Day to Mental Health Awareness Month, days or months of recognition can be a great way to activate employee engagement in your wellness program. For example, plan a “Go Green” campaign for your employees around Earth Day on April 22 to encourage practices that help our planet. Or, kick off the “Step It Up” campaign to coincide with Global Employee Health & Fitness Month in May. Our team can help you set up a campaign so you can focus on your daily responsibilities while implementing those ever-important employee well-being strategies.

The compliance and wellness calendar will be updated quarterly for the remainder of 2021. Click here to download the Q3 calendar. And, keep an eye out for any important updates on our website as we continue to identify changes or new dates as they are announced.

For more information on any compliance or wellness news, check out our blog or subscribe to The Boost, a weekly newsletter to accelerate your HR career. You can also reach out or tweet at us with any questions or contact a member of our advisory team.

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