Kelly Eckman

Senior Compliance Manager

Kelly is FirstPerson’s go-to compliance expert. With 11 years of compliance experience, she knows what she’s talking about when guiding clients through the changing waters of the Affordable Care Act. Kelly loves that at FirstPerson, she can deliver actual results and provide answers and recommendations to important compliance questions.

She can do it all. From filing 5500 forms and Summary Annual Reports to being the resource for cafeteria plans, plan documentation, wrap plans, and Summary Plan Descriptions, Kelly provides compliance guidance through a variety of methods. And that’s not even mentioning her abilities to navigate questions on the Affordable Care Act.

After graduating from Franklin College, Kelly committed her entire career to compliance and regulatory affairs. When she’s not running miles for clients, she’s running her own marathons (10 in fact, and still counting!). Kelly also volunteers with Back on My Feet.

Strengths: Analytical, Consistency, Empathy, Individualization, Relator