RESOLVE Increments presents:

The COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Prioritize Your People — Part 2

On-demand webinar and resources

With COVID-19 vaccinations reaching almost 50% of the American population in early May, our communities are closer to herd immunity.

Society is reopening. Employers are starting to return to the workplace. 

Are your employees getting the vaccine? What role should you play in incentivizing your people to get it? And, should you mandate it? How are other employers approaching vaccinations?

In The COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Prioritize Your People – Part 2, you’ll get advice and real-life examples from compliance and health strategy experts on:

  1. Whether to incentivize or mandate employees to get the vaccine
  2. What to consider if or when you return to the workplace
  3. How to promote healthy lifestyle choices and effective immune response

When you get your virtual pass to the webinar, you’ll also receive the COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy Toolkit, complete with checklists and matrices to help you craft your strategy and return to the workplace.

Bonus: Get Your Free Toolkit!

As part of your virtual experience, you’ll also receive a vaccine strategy toolkit, including checklists and matrices for:

  • Assessment and decision
  • Communication and implementation
  • Incentives and mandates

Your Vaccine & Health Strategy Experts

Katy Stowers

SVP, Compliance & General Counsel

Katy’s experience in law practice and in the health and welfare benefits field provides her the platform needed to develop practical solutions for employers in the era of the ACA.

Ryan Bojrab, DPT

Sr. Director, Health Strategy

Ryan has ten years of experience in healthcare admin, clinical practice and wellness program management. He fulfills his passion for building evidence-based strategic solutions for clients like you.