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How the State of Childcare Impacts Your People

On-demand webinar and resources

Do you employ any parents of children under five? They miss, on average, 13 days a year because they don’t have access to quality childcare.

If that’s not enough to pique your attention, how about the $1.8 billion in missing revenue from absent employees?

With all the curveballs COVID-19 has thrown at Americans, working parents are among the hardest hit.

The pandemic has also had an adverse effect on women as female workforce participation has dropped to its lowest rate in more than 30 years (McKinsey). Helping working women return to work will require a focus on childcare benefits.

Do you currently have benefits for working parents?

When you get on-demand access to How the State of Childcare Impacts Your People, you’ll get several helpful, tangible resources and walk away with these actionable learnings:

  1. Why it’s important that your organization offers childcare benefits
  2. What you can do now to make a difference in your working parents’ lives
  3. How early learning care works for parent employees

Join our friends at Early Learning Indiana and a First Person benefits expert to learn more about the state of childcare and how you can help your parent employees be less anxious and more productive.

Get one hour of SHRM continuing education credits when you attend the on-demand session.

Your Childcare Benefits Experts

Paul Ashley, CEBS

Senior Vice President & Advisor

First Person Advisors

As Senior Vice President & Advisor, Paul works to create and carry the FirstPerson vision. He leads the sales and advisory team toward great strategies and outcomes, while still focusing on developing quality partnerships with clients like you. In fact, Paul knows his clients as well as he knows his wine and wine history (and that says a lot for this sommelier). He also holds his Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Maureen Weber

President & Chief Executive Officer

Early Learning Indiana

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Maureen leads a team relentlessly focused on transforming the early learning industry by addressing systemic barriers to accessible, affordable and quality early education; sharing expertise to build system capacity and improve learning outcomes; and operating a network of community-based lab schools that advance the science of early education, invest in a new generation of teaching and instill essential skills in the children they serve.