RESOLVE Increments presents:

The COVID-19 Vaccine:
How to Prioritize Your People

On-demand webinar and resources

When COVID-19 first hit the United States in March 2020, uncertainty was abound. If you weren’t deemed essential, your home may have quickly become your office.

Now, after almost twelve months, you’re facing new uncertainty as your people begin to get the COVID-19 vaccine and potentially return to the office.

As we enter this new phase of the pandemic with a vaccine and new local, state and federal leaders, your strategy is certainly still taking shape. How will you craft a clear, compliant health strategy for your people?

You’ll get expert advice on:

  1. What you need to know about the vaccine
  2. What and how to communicate with your people
  3. How regulation and insurance carriers affect you
  4. How organizations across the U.S. are approaching rollout

When you get access to your on-demand webinar, you’ll also receive the COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy Toolkit, complete with checklists and matrices to help you craft your strategy.

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Bonus: Get Your Free Toolkit!

As part of your on-demand experience, you’ll also receive a vaccine strategy toolkit, including checklists and matrices for:

  • Assessment and decision
  • Communication and implementation
  • Incentives and mandates

Your Vaccine Strategy Experts

Special Guests

Nelly Rose, PharmD

AVP, Clinical Pharmacy at NFP

Our special guest Nelly Rose supports NFP Rx Solutions with clinical insights, new initiatives and strategic analysis for healthcare trends across the industry. Nelly has 15+ years of pharmacy experience across multiple lines of business in the healthcare industry. 

Robin Ledyard, MD

Chief Medical Officer at Community Health Network

With over 30 years of healthcare experience, Robin is responsible for the quality and safety of the hospital system based in Indianapolis. She has also been the medical lead for the Network during COVID-19.

First Person Experts

Ryan Bojrab, DPT

Sr. Director, Health Strategy

Ryan has ten years of experience in healthcare admin, clinical practice and wellness program management. He fulfills his passion for building evidence-based strategic solutions for clients like you.

Mark Minner

President & Chief Strategy Officer

Mark plays an integral role on our leadership team as President & Chief Strategy Officer, collaborating with clients to build innovative, long-term benefits and compensation strategies.

Katy Stowers

SVP, Compliance & General Counsel

Katy’s experience in law practice and in the health and welfare benefits field provides her the platform needed to develop practical solutions for employers in the era of the ACA.