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Unleashing Your Company’s Potential Through Intentional Development

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Does your business have an intentional development strategy to compete for talent?

Jason Riley’s affinity for enabling success through the lens of transformational talent strategies is a common thread throughout his professional achievements.

During the Great Resignation, organizations are constantly asked to do more with less. Talented employees are sought after more than ever before. Learn from Jason’s experience and story. Make “the how” as clear as “the what.”

Get access to the video of Jason’s keynote session at RESOLVE 22. Plus the slides that will help you put the details to action.

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Your Learning & Development Expert

Jason Riley

Head of Global Talent Strategy, GE Healthcare

Jason Riley is a global HR executive whose specialties and expertise include global talent strategy, HR strategy, and talent lifecycle management. In his current role, Jason is responsible for overseeing the design and execution of the following intentional development categories: CEO and organization succession planning, culture and engagement, leadership development, learning and development, and inclusion and diversity