Phil Hansen


For the tens of millions who have seen Phil’s art on TV and online, it’s hard to imagine that his artistic journey nearly came to an end when a tremor developed in his drawing hand. In exploring new ways to create art, Phil discovered that by embracing his shake, limitations could become the passageway to creativity.

His inspirational story was first shared on the TED stage to a standing ovation, and then shared around the world including on PBS, BBC and CCTV. Phil’s ability to draw parallels to the business setting has won him followers among industry and business leaders, leading to speaking invitations at the TED2013 Conference, Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, World Summit Nobel Peace Laureates and the Million Dollar Round Table.

Besides speaking and doing art, Phil is an advocate for advancing art education. He’s the author of Tattoo a Banana, a guide to exploring creativity through art with everyday materials. And, he’s the founder of Goodbye-Art Academy, providing high quality and free art education videos to teachers and students everywhere.

Embrace the Shake

April 29, 2021 from 11:00am-12:30pm ET

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