Ryan Miller
Office: 317.218.1549

Ryan Miller


Ryan can solve a Rubik’s cube in only four minutes. And his knack for strategy doesn’t stop there. As an Advisor, Ryan loves working with his clients to identify their goals and initiatives and then empower them to grow through strategic development and implementation.

Ryan has always been a high achiever (and that includes being his high school valedictorian). He is dedicated to helping employers grow their business and develop their culture by providing white-glove service. He first learned how to give Mickey Glove service when working at Walt Disney World. And he even has the credentials to back it up with his Disney’s Approach to Quality Service certification from the Disney Institute.

Ryan is an Honors College graduate from Ball State University. He has four years of experience in the employee benefits and business consulting world and another five years in analytical chemistry and project management.

Strengths: Achiever, Communication, Individualization, Learner, Strategic