Sheri O’Rani
Office: 317.218.5037

Sheri O’Rani

Technology Solutions Analyst

As Technology Solutions Analyst, Sheri project manages, builds, and supports the FirstPerson suite of enrollment and service products. She works to ensure the best outcomes for our clients by collaborating on projects with the Technology Solutions Manager and delivery leaders. Not only is Sheri passionate about people, but she is also passionate about wildlife preservation and supporting animal welfare initiatives.

Sheri attended Indiana University and received a bachelor’s degree in English. She has more than seven years of experience in client support and holds a Human Resources Management certification from Purdue University (her alma mater’s rival!).

Don’t worry, Sheri isn’t always working! As a permanent resident of Australia, Sheri, her husband, and their twins often go “down under” to visit the country.

Strengths: Achiever, Analytical, Intellection, Learner, Relator