We Proudly Stand with the Black Community

The past few months have been full of change, uncertainty and emotion. Amid a global pandemic, people are now stepping up to fight against racial injustice. This crucial and pivotal moment in history is recognized and highly valued at FirstPerson.
We have organized an internal task force available for any of our team members to join and engage. This group will enable us to start a learning journey for our team. The task force will provide education on everyday issues to help tear down biases. We will continually evaluate our processes and answer these questions: Do our policies meet today’s needs? Are we actively seeking diverse talent? Here’s our stance: We proudly stand with the Black community. Racism has no place in our society. We recognize we have a lot to learn. We will listen. And we will act. We are connecting with community and civic leaders from organizations such as Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), Indy Chamber and United Way to advocate for and financially support causes that fuel progress and change. We are in this together and are committed to fighting racial injustice. We believe these steps will help us get there:


Offer employees time to advocate or engage in events, organizations and causes that each of us are passionate about.


Connect with clients and civic partners to learn how we can tap into community resources and work. We recognize those who have been fighting for racial justice for years. We need to understand how we can play a role and coordinate our efforts.


Donate our resources (corporate and individual) to support organizations that help advance our shared mission. The First Person Advisors Foundation is donating $15,000 to three organizations: Indianapolis Urban League, Equal Justice Initiative, and Innocence Project.


Create an environment of learning. Challenge ourselves to listen and understand what the Black community and other people of color face every day. We will host experts on these topics, facilitate internal discourse and try to empathize.


Review and renovate our existing policies and procedures. Adapt how we recruit and hire to eliminate bias and use our platform as an organization to forge ahead. Our task force will continually work to implement and uphold these statements in our company and our community. This is about creating long-lasting change and fighting against regression to the “standard way of doing things.”

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