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Why Technology Matters

Poll anyone off the street, and they’ll absolutely agree that technology matters. If you ask FirstPerson CEO and founder, Bryan Brenner, he’ll tell you that technology can “increase productivity and efficiency, and enhance the work experience for [your] employees.” According to Will Forrest, Principal at McKinsey & Company and a leading expert on the business value of IT, as quoted in this Forbes article, technology can also “be a source of competitive differentiation and dramatic wealth creation.”

If you ask us, technology matters because it has the power to produce business results. And there are three principle reasons why we believe this:

Technology engages

Technology allows you to meet employees where they are. In today’s digital world, that means plugging in to smartphones, collecting actionable data, creating winning videos, and monitoring in real time. This translates to the overall employee experience:

  1. Fostering a meaningful work environment. In sum, care about your work and the people you work with. That’s an important foundation to integrating technologies.
  2. Using effective collaboration tools. Think about how your team can work better together, more efficiently, considering tools that help you collaborate on a project, report progress updates, or brainstorm an idea.
  3. Accessing information. Far too much time is squandered simply finding and relaying information. The old way – digging through old meeting notes, deleting rogue reply alls from your inbox, requesting files saved on a co-worker’s desktop who happens to be on vacation – has to go.

Technology streamlines

Card catalogs to searchable databases. File cabinets to clouds. Polaroids to virtual reality. Technological advances enable us to work not only further, faster, higher, and better, but also with more efficiency and focus, ultimately leaving us with more time and energy for the people and things we like more than our cubicles.

At First Person, we use Slack to collaborate with others, stay connected, and keep track of progress.

Technology boosts productivity

Some people say technology is distracting. We say people are distracted, and they will use whatever means they choose to continue distracting themselves. YouTube or water cooler: Does it really make a difference? Like anything, technology can be used for good or bad. We choose to harness it so the positive outweighs the negative.

In Summary

In a competitive marketplace, it’s imperative to anticipate and address your employees’ unique needs and to enhance the employee experience for all. Technology has the potential to do that. I encourage you to explore what problems technology could solve for your business and what will help you reach the next level of high performance.

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