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Human Resolve

Go behind the scenes with HR leaders to discover real human solutions to real human challenges.

Is there a more turbulent terrain than the human resources department these days? A podcast dedicated to superhuman resources pros, Human Resolve goes behind the scenes with HR leaders to discover real human solutions to real human challenges.

We’ll celebrate together. Laugh a lot. Sharpen our minds and might even shed a few tears. But that’s fine. We’re HR. Nobody will ever know.

Hosted by Mark Minner, Human Resolve is proudly brought to you by the minds and hearts of First Person Advisors, the same Indianapolis-based benefits, compensation and organizational health advisory firm that brings you the RESOLVE conference every year and RESOLVE Increments learning and growth opportunities.

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Episode 6

Seth Morales | CEO, Morales Group, Inc.​

After fifteen years working under his father at his family’s staffing company, Seth Morales took the title of CEO in January 2020 and has led with empathy, vulnerability and a focus on diversity through an unprecedented year. In the Season 1 finale, hear what Seth has learned about people from the football field to the office.

Episode 5

R.J. Talyor | CEO & Founder, Pattern89

Startup veteran and former Exact Target executive, R. J. Talyor of Pattern89 stopped by Human Resolve to discuss how intentionally building his company culture around core values has helped them succeed. Also, he gives tips on how to trust remote workers despite not “seeing” them everyday.

Episode 4

Dr. Lisa Penney | Muma College of Business at University of South Florida

Feeling stressed? On the brink of burning out? Worried about the pandemic or your never-ending remote work situation? Dr. Lisa Penney is exactly the expert you need in 2020. In this episode of Human Resolve, she discusses the damaging effects stress has in the workplace — remote or not —, healthy ways to address stress and anxiety, and how you can identify it in your employees and support them.

Episode 3

Ashima Kapur | Vice President of Human Resources, Allied Solutions

Having grown up in India, Ashima Kapur has a deep-rooted faith in people — and no doubt has it played a pivotal role in her success. On this episode of Human Resolve, Ashima discusses why it’s important for HR professionals to respect varying backgrounds, work as a team to get the job done, and listen to the data and employees.

Episode 2

Adam Weber | Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Emplify

Former pastor Adam Weber practices what he literally preaches, both as an author and co-founder and Chief People Officer at Emplify, an employee engagement software and consulting firm based in Indianapolis. Since leaving his church and venturing into the business world, he’s pushed for authentic leadership, a catalyst for unlocking people’s true potential. Learn how to build a more human workforce by being a more self-aware, authentic leader in the second episode of Human Resolve.

Episode 1

Karen Mangia | Vice President of Customer and Market Insights, Salesforce

A top remote work advocate, Karen Mangia knows a thing or two about working from home. That’s why tech giant Salesforce entrusted her to lead their Work from Home Task Force in 2020 and quickly transition more than fifty thousand global employees in one of the largest workforce changes of all time. Learn how to work and lead from anywhere in the first episode of Human Resolve.